In 2010, Mix Santa Fe offered a competition to filmmakers to create a three-minute trailer for a Santa Fe television show that highlights the city’s creative economy.

Julia Goldberg and Andrew Primm, who had worked on a variety of film projects together for The Santa Fe Reporter newspaper, decided to take advantage of the deadline and film a three-minute trailer for a Zombie movie they had been talking about making for…well, for a while.

With the help of Eliot Gray Fisher, Michael Ranft and Jeff Primm, the trailer was submitted to Mix. In November, 2010, Goldberg and Primm were awarded $1,300, and achieved one of their milestones: the receipt of an oversized check while surrounded by geishas.

photo by Ciaran A Clark

In 2011, with massive amounts of help from Santa Feans from all walks of life (restaurant owners, bar owners, musicians, fire fighters, and the list goes on), Fisher, Goldberg and Primm shot and completed the half-hour film, which had its debut screening at Santa Fe’s Screen movie theater in April, 2011.

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